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COOLING TOWER Ditzingen, 2013 developed Architects: Barkow Leibinger, Berlin, Frank Barkow, Regine Leibinger Project Architect: Gustav Düsing The Laser Fabricator Trumpf in Ditzingen, Germany asked for a new Sign-tower. The new tower shall replace the old 15m tower with a new height of 30m and should have a sustainable function. The company uses immense power to cool down their factory facilities and therefore the idea was to use the new tower as a cooling device. Hot water from the air-condtion-system will be directed through a series of bundled metal pipes. The water will go, via an increased tube network, up the tower and down again. The ratio of time and surface to outside air will cool the water down by a certain percentage. The system remains variable as more pipes can be added. In a close collaboration with Transsolar Climate Engineers and Knippers-Helbig Structural Engineers, the system has been developed to cool down 50% of the full amount of heat with a height of 30m and a full pipe length of 30km. The stainless steal pipes will be cnc-bended and prefabricated in bundles. The branching logic as a structure works as a hierarchical system and at the same time allows a to increase the surface of the the water to outside air.