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Gustav Düsing & Max Hacke 2017 Kiev, Ukraine `Helix´ is a proposal for the Unit-City of Kiev, Ukraine to add a spiral staircase onto the exterior of the chimney in order to allow people to experience the city from above. `Helix´ is both an attraction and a visible landmark. The old chimney makes reference to the industrial past of the district, while the added structure symbolizes innovation and forward thinking. The walk upstairs is an extraordinary experience attracting people from all over town and thus opening up the former industrial zone to a new public. Instantly recognizable from afar, the construction is simple yet sophisticated. `Helix´ gives identity to the re-development area, potentially becoming a trademark through its iconic shape. The 398 step climb to the top makes `Helix´ a challenging vertical fitness trail. After every 18th step, a small platform offers benches for resting and equipment for various activities, such as workout bars and swings for children. Those reaching the top will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city as well as a thrilling gaze down through a glass floor into the darkness of the 60-meter-deep chimney.