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exhibition-architecture for "Realised and Unrealised Outdoor Projects" ISA GENZKEN 2015 Courtesy the artist and Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne The artist Isa Genzken is known, among other things, for her large-scale installations in the public spaces. The purpose of this exhibition was to make these projects, built and unbuild, accessible to a wider public to ultimately be presented at the Venice Art Biennale. An important part of the task was to develop a specific form of communication that allows the individual projects to be exhibited side by side. Together with the artist, scale models of the work were made, depending on the project and materiality, but in their base and appearance coordinated. Through intensive archive research emerged 25 works that represent architectural situations partly in urban and partly in natural surroundings. Genzken's works refer to, or extend, architectural situations and change the perception of scale and space. These tensions had to be reflected in the models. In addition to planning these models, this project also included curating the exhibition and organizing transport and construction in Venice.