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SEILSCHAFT install-action, Berlin 2013 in collaboration with: Alexander Pelster & Steffanie Scheipers The installation/action (install-action) Seilschaft in Berlin Neukölln is a participative/interactive installation that aims to stimulate neighbourhood activity. Thin cords are stretched between housing blocks, representing the complex social structures within an typical Berlin neighbourhood. The architectural typology of the Berlin block, consisting of high building density and balconies facing the street, offers the ideal conditions for the installation of Seilschaft. To construct Seilschaft, neighbours of opposite apartments let down kite lines from their balconies. These were then tied together by in the middle of the road and then pulled up in tandem until the strings were tight and could be fixed. The installation forms an urban structure that occupies and redefines the vacant space of the Berlin street scapes. In an era of boundless digital communication, living in the city remains characterised by anonymity. Even in one‘s own neighbourhood or street, neighbours are often only ‚known unknowns‘. Seilschaft aims to modify this condition through creative means. Through small street level actions and verbal propaganda, the message of Seilschaft was spread. Interested neighbours were encouraged to participate. This participation has created the possibility of enhanced exchange and discourse. The installation itself therefore objectifies as a result of this emergence, the resulting social fabric, reminding neighbours of their interactions with each other. Stretching the cords between the balconies creates structures that are reminiscent of transparent pyramids or prisms. The complexity of the structures increases when more parties are involved. Depending on the location of the adjoining properties, Seilschaft evolves diverse formations of nodes, links and branches. Due to its simplicity, install-action can occur spontaneously. The first install-action of Seilschaft took place in Berlin Neukölln in the summer of 2013. On a Saturday evening in July neighbours of the surrounding buildings followed instructions on flyers that had been placed in their mailboxes, collecting on the junction of Anzengruberstrasse and Donaustrasse to participate in the project. Overall more than 15 living units participated, including those who initially were only observing the install-action. The action was an exciting intervention in the urban routine of the neighbourhood, connecting participants personally and physically through the installation. Fotos by Johannes Förster