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THE DAM PROJECT, Las Vegas, 2008 The aim of this project is to replace the existing Hoover Dam near Las Vegas, Nevada with a material system which is able to combine architectural space with the structural necessities of a large scale dam structure. The investigation of such brief was focusing around the definition of a set of structural members in order to work in both scales, the human as well as the super-structural scale of a dam. Throughout the year, different systems, from tensegritiy to pure mass structures have been defined and tested towards its structural performance and its ability to direct vast amount of water through the building volume. Instead of a dam performing as a pure counter weight to the water pressure, the aim of this project was to design a porous subdivided system that allows for an integral coexistence of architectural multi functional space and a energy producing, exposed material system. The investigation finalized its form in a branching structure which is directed against the appearing loads and pressures. The overall scheme is divided into three main branches which merge together in the very top of the structure. This system combines the function of a dam and the infrastructural performance of a bridge in one system. This super-large concrete structure than channels the water through the defined space and increases its speed by canalizing the flow into the three main turbine halls.